Enquiry Form To Book The Hall

Please fill in this form and "send" it to us: If you would like to hire the hall on a regular basis please email
The Booking Clerk
There is a minimum let of 4 hours
Living Within The Parish £40 and then £6 per hour
Additional Service Charges
Skittle Alley £10
Use Of The Cooker,
and/or Dishwasher and Hot Cupboard
To Book The Meeting Room please email
The Booking Clerk
Optional: Bar Costs
Up to 40 Guests £40
From 41 to 80 Guests £70
over 80 Guests £100

Optional Extras
Yes No
Please read our "Conditions Of Hire" and"Booking Policy" and click in the box if you agree and the "send button" will appear.
Thank you, we will contact you with a confirmation and costing.
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