Meetings on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 19.30 in West Ashton Village Hall.
Visitors welcome

President: Holly Westlake
Secretary: Ann Loverock
Treasurer: Jackie Bradley
Committee:  Ursula Jenkyn
            Frances Uphill
Avril Richards
Lyn Pybus
Megan Kane



Aug 22 : Silk Painting - selling silk paint kits - Nicola Davis
Tea/Coffee W Bartlett/S Cowdrey
Flowers J Hilbourne
Sep 26 : Cotswold Bound & Bookbinding Demo - Author Lorna Gray
Tea/Coffee B Webb/S Preston
Flowers G Bevan
Oct 24 : History Of Bath Mineral Hospital - Judith Coles
Tea/Coffee D Pearce/G Bevan
Flowers D Payne
Nov 28 : Wiltshire Scrap Store & Christmas Craft Activity - Margaret Hiscocks
Tea/Coffee U Jenkyn/A Lawless
Flowers S Preston
Dec 19 : Dickens at Christmas in Victorian Costume - Vera Hoghes MA/David Weller
Pot Luck Supper


Jan 23 : A World Without Wildlife - Amanda Butler
Tea/Coffee D Payne/A Richards
Flowers S Bond
Feb 27 : Dirty History - Soap & Laundry - Karin Kennedy
Tea/Coffee F Uphill/M Welch
Flowers J Watkins
Mar 27 : Annual General Meeting - Bring & Buy Table
Tea/Coffee A Loverock
Flowers B Webb
Apr 24 : Birthstones - Daphne Atkinson
Tea/Coffee E Eggleton/J Hilborne
Flowers S Pearce
May 22 : Topical Issues
Fish & Chip Supper
Flowers W Bartlett
Dinner Club: Thursday Nov 1 2018 & Thursday Mar 21 2019
Busy Bees: Thursday Every Month
From 14.30 to 16.30 in the village hall
Spinners Meeting and Spinners Carol Service to be confirmed.